Mrs. Beegles Class Rainsticks

Mrs. Beegle’s fourth grade class is ready for the rainy season. The
class is creating rain sticks, originally from South America, during
their unit of extreme weather. The rain sticks hadn’t been made in over a
decade at the elementary school. “It’s been 14 years since we made
them” said Mrs. Beegle, who also added that it was good timing with
their unit of extreme weather. The fourth graders have enjoyed getting
their hands dirty! “it's really gross but we get to paint it and they
sound really cool!” stated a student. Sometimes the delicate rain sticks
need a little more support “mine was bending” said  Dalton “but Mrs.
Beegle saved the day and added cardboard to fix it.” During this project
the class had a special guest Ms.Stoudemiere who is student teaching at
Winlock Miller Elementary school said “ I love this experience to learn
from a great teacher like Mrs. Beegle” Ms. Stoudemiere hopes to teach
at a small school someday and influence kids to think outside the box,
like this activity!