Winlock School District – Winlock Miller Elementary School opened its doors back up today for Kindergarten - 3rd grade students for full day in person learning. Grades 4th - 5th grade returned to a hybrid A or B schedule for in person learning, twice a week and one full day of virtual learning for all 4th and 5th grade students every Wednesday. The Elementary building and class sizes at the K-3 grade levels are able to accommodate full day and full week learning opportunities. 

The school district will continue to  provide pick up times and locations for sack lunch food service for all families that are choosing to continue virtual learning. All students attending in-person school will also receive both breakfast and lunch on site. Bus services are also available for students that attend in-person learning.

“Our first day back for grades K - 5 was impressively smooth. All members of our staff stepped up, creating a seamless transition from health screening students before they are dropped off by parents or the bus, to grabbing breakfast and then directing students where to find their classrooms and meet their teacher and classmates in person for the first time this year. The excitement in our teachers voices created a synchronous feeling walking from each classroom to the next. It felt right having kids back in the building.” said Superintendent Dr. Garry Cameron. 

All students are expected to continue to use their District issued Chromebook and hotspot if needed when they are on a virtual schedule or can not attend school in person. All families are urged to stay home if not well. Learning will continue virtually when needed.