Taylor Ruiz

Taylor Ruiz, Junior at Winlock High School has always had a passion for literature and decided to bring her own vision of being a published author into action. Taylor is responsible for resurrecting one of the greatest novels and detectives of all time. Ruiz is the self published author of Sherlock Holmes and the Spider’s Web and avid mystery enthusiast. 

Taylor found her love for writing around the age of 6 years old. One of the fondest memories she has was using her imagination to construct a book about dolphins in 1st grade. Her 1st grade teacher read her story out loud to to the class and this experience made a large and positive impact on her. At that point, she had found her calling. “After that moment, all I wanted to do was write.” said Taylor. Over the next few years Taylor discovered more short stories from her ancestry and used them as inspiration for her first published book Porter Dowle

Her love for books and storytelling has grown over the years and mystery writing has consumed her interest. Reading and drawing inspiration from the greatest mystery writers such as Arthur Conan Doyle, Jane Austen and Charles Dickens have helped craft her stories and developed her technique. Taylor also mentioned she gains inspiration from her own family stories and her loyal friends for developing characters that readers can relate to. 

Over the course of Spring 2020, Taylor was compelled to use her many hours of free time due to COVID - 19 sheltering, to begin to write her story and learn how to be a self published writer. Finding someone to publish your work is not always easy Taylor discovered. Going through the motions of sending off her work and was turned down did not lead to an end. Taylor persisted to investigate how to self-publish on Amazon, learn to format, edit, self critique and develop her cover art work and Ta-da….and the rest is history!

Taylor is currently working on a three book series involving one of the main characters from her second book Sherlock Holmes and the Spider's Web. If you would like to order Sherlock Holmes and the Spider’s Web, it is available on  Amazon, both paperback and Kindle versions. 


Excellent work Taylor! The Winlock Cardinal Community is extremely proud of you and your many accomplishments. We are excited for your future endeavors.