February 10th, 2021

Dear Winlock Parents, Guardians, and Fans,

Sports are FINALLY back!
We’re excited to get your athletes back on the field and court in a safe manner and we
know many of you are excited to watch your Cardinal Athletes compete! Rules have
been put in place by the Governor’s Office and Department of Health that limits the
number of people in attendance at our events. We are allowed no more than 200 people
at any event: this includes athletes, coaches, officials, crew, etc. After reviewing our
spaces, and running numbers of participants, we know we have a limited number of
tickets available for each game to go to our Cardinal community. We are prioritizing the
family of our participants as the recipients of these tickets.

With the limited number of spectators, we will need some help from you to figure out
how best to distribute our limited number of tickets. Each sport/contest looks different
with the number of participants, which will vary the number of tickets we can give per

All tickets will be distributed to the student participant 1-2 days prior to the game. This
ticket, with the complete attestation on the back, is required for entry. We will not sell
extra tickets at the door. Due to the restrictions in place, there will be no exceptions to
this - so please keep track of those tickets you are given!

In addition to new ticket procedures, including completing the COVID Attestation on the
back of the ticket, we will also be having a pass list sheet and be taking temperatures at
the door. Masks will be required at all times and we will also be enforcing 6-foot
distancing between households in the stands. We will give one warning to those who do
not comply. If that warning is not heeded, you will be asked to leave the facility. We
hope that we can all follow these rules so we can continue to have our athletes

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call or email. We want to make the best of
this challenging situation and we think that we can do that by working together.
Go Cards!

Nick Bamer - Athletic Director
360.785.3537 x2130

★ How many people get to attend games?
○ 200 Total people may be in the venue. This includes all participants, coaches,
staff, spectators, etc.
★ Do I just buy a ticket at the door?
○ NO! All tickets will be preassigned and distributed through Winlock
Student-Athletes. No tickets will be sold at the door. The only way to get into a
game is with a pre-distributed ticket. The ticket has an attestation on the back
that is required to enter the venue. No ticket or no attestation = no entry.

★ Where do I enter?
○ For MS Football, HS Football and Soccer, enter at the Stadium, nearest the ticket
○ For BOTH MS and HS Volleyball, park in the south lot and enter through the south
entrance. All Volleyball games will be played in the HS Gymnasium.

★ When can I come?
○ Times vary by sport. We will open the gates as soon as possible while still
restricting some access in order to keep everyone safe.
■ MS Volleyball - Gate opens at 4:30.
■ HS Volleyball - Gate opens at 5:15.
■ MS/HS Football - Gate opens at 5:00 (assuming a 6pm start)
■ Soccer - Gate opens at 5:30
★ How many tickets will each Student-Athlete receive?
○ This will vary by sport/participation and capacity levels. Right now we can
guarantee two tickets per athlete in uniform.

★ When will I receive my tickets?
○ Tickets will be provided to athletes to distribute 1-3 days prior to the game.
★ What are the Rules for spectators?
○ Everyone must stay in family units and maintain social distancing from others!
○ Masks must be worn, over the nose and mouth, at all times.
○ Covid Attestations and Temperature checks are required prior to entry.
★ Can we attend away games?
○ No. Competitions are not open to visiting spectators. No one from the visiting
community will be allowed entry.
★ What if we have more people who want to watch?
○ All home games (and most away games) will be streamed live on the NFHS
Network. Watch our website ( for links and streaming
★ What is the cost of tickets?
○ Due to the unique circumstances of this year, and the way we are distributing
tickets, there is no cost of entry.
■ If you would like to support Winlock Athletics and help offset the lack of
ticket sales, we are accepting donations. All Donations can be made out
to Winlock Athletics and directed to our High School office.