It's that time of year again! T. Nelson has challenged the students at WMES to get out and start exercising their hearts to raise some money for a great cause.  

Last year the students at WMES  raised $2,200 for the American Heart Association through a Kids Heart Challenge. T. Nelson stated she was hesitant to do it this year because of the financial struggles COVID has caused for many. Reluctantly they gave it a shot and set their goal to $3,000. The students had five weeks to raise as much money as we could. The incentives for students were the prizes the American Heart Association offered, as well as sliming T. Nelson. Any student who raised over $100 got to slime her. "Last year I had eight slimers. This year, after raising over $6,200 we have 28 slimers. I'm so impressed by our students and community." remarked T. Nelson 

We will be kicking off Spring Break with our Slime Fest 2021. All the kids who raised more than $100 will get to eat pizza with Mr. Nye and T. Nelson on Friday, April 2nd. The sliming will happen just before lunch. Watch the fun start via  Zoom!  Zoom Link: