Thank you

June 27, 2021

Dear Winlock,

Thank you for a school year like no other.

As we embarked on the 2020-21 school year, our guiding district principle was to be ready for any health and safety requirements the pandemic, state, or county, would challenge us with. We also believed our students belonged in person as much as health requirements would allow. If we were allowed to have students and staff in person, we would keep our students and staff as safe as possible. Additionally, we wanted students who were being taught remotely to have a similar academic experience as they would if they were in-person so we went one to one with Chromebooks, and purchased “hot spots” as necessary to keep students connected.

To communicate with our community and create the best decisions for students and staff, our school board has met dozens of times since March 2020. We implemented all required protocol from the county and state and doing so we were able to open in-person as soon as we were allowed. Students who attended 100% of eligible in-person instruction (2 days a week in hybrid, and 5 days a week after April 12) received the following days of in-person instruction/total days open for each grade level of students.

Kindergarten – 90 days/161 days

Gr 1-3 - 84 days/147 days

Gr 4-12 - 76 days/128 days

Although we did have individual COVID cases reported to us throughout the year, and some students and staff were quarantined, our safety protocols were consistent, followed, and enforced, so we did not have a COVID outbreak. Because of that, we were able to keep our schools open, and did not have to close in-person learning. We also held extra-curricular athletics for our students this year. As with our schools, we were able to complete each season, play all games, and did not lose a game due to a COVID outbreak. I am very proud of our staff and students for following and adhering to these safety protocols during this pandemic. I am very proud of our community for having patience with the safety protocol, and following the safety protocol while on school grounds. This allowed us to keep our students and staff safe, and maximize the in-person instruction we all want available for our students. Winlock, again, thank you all.

Looking forward to 2021-22,


Garry Cameron


Winlock School District