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Welcome back! Here you'll find all the information you'll need to begin your schoolwork virtually and find support resources as you use your school technology. All students are being issued a WSD Chromebook. Our WSD Technology Department will only be able to support these devices.

Step 1: Login using your school-issued email address. If you are a new student, someone from your school will reach out with your new school email address for you to use your district-issued Chromebook. From there you will find instructions, class assignments, and everything you need to know to begin school. You can find additional instructions for logging into your chrome device from home.

Grades K - 6 Chromebook Email Address Sequence:

Johnny Appleseed - Student First initial, last name, last two of graduation year Example:

Grades 7 - 12 Chromebook Email Address Sequence:

Amber Appleseed - Student first initial, last name Example: Please contact your school building if your child needs to reset their password.

NEED HELP? Contact or leave a message with your building secretary for a call back.

Step 2: Login to Skyward to check grades and attendance. Your Skyward login will be your school email account.

NEED HELP? Elementary Contact: Carrie Pennington - 360- 785-3576 Middle/High School Athena Bornstein (360) 785-3537, EXT 2108

Step 3: Connecting to a Hotspot (if needed) You must first check out a hotspot from your child's building if you need one. We have limited hotspots so please only take 1 (per family) if you need it. You will first power on the hotspot. Once one, you will go to your Chromebook WiFi area and look for "Kajeet smartspot###". Click on this WiFi spot, then enter the code "smartspot" with the 4 digit code that was given to you when you pick up the device. Download the Student & Parent Guide to using a hotspot. Both English and Spanish versions are part of the download.

Tech Support

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